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DaiKai Wellness

An experience to remove stress,
relax and take good care of yourself

High quality massage

At DaiKai we devote our full attention to you. Duties and worries can be forgotten for a while, now it is about giving yourself a little breathing space. Quality of massage is perhaps not so easy to describe in words, but you will notice it! Massage is stress reduction, gives you a good health benefit and experience improved quality of life. The overall experience is so good that it's easy to include regular massages in a lifestyle with an emphasis on health and wellbeing. DaiKai offers you a choice of quality massages that represents the best of traditional Chinese, Japanese and Western massage techniques, combined with the healing touch that comes from a well educated and engaged therapist. Our two retreats are centrally located at Arbins gate 11, less than 5 minutes walk from the Nationaltheatret station, and in Rostockgata 68, a 5 minutes walk from the Opera House. We are open every day from 09:00 until 21:00.

Our Guarantee to our guests

We promise you that we will always do our utmost to provide a high quality wellness massage experience, in a friendly, quiet, safe, clean and beautiful environment.